Far be it from us to over-intellectualise the debate on new sporting practices, but we persist in thinking that sport has been undergoing profound change in recent decades and that the new trends in sport we are talking about here are the fruit of completely different motivations and are outside the strict framework of sport as it has been understood until now. The sport of tomorrow, at least a significant part of it, tends towards experience and exploration.

Outdoor is a big word that does not always mean everything it encompasses. Outdoor is your client and what nature allows him/her to be. It’s no longer about performing, it’s about living an experience, whatever the activity and level. The search for well-being, a certain form of disconnection or even philosophy replaces the rules. Physical qualities are not used to produce a result, a figure, an added value on others, your body, mind and heart are mobilized to produce a balance, yours. This does not exclude the challenge, some need it.

The stadium, the hall, the gymnasium or the track, in short, the delimited area, is replaced by nature. It changes everything.